Printed Insulated Carrier Bags

Printed Insulated Carrier Bags to advertise your business

Summer is on its way.  We can tell… not because of the flowers, the blue skies, or the longer days.  We know its on its way because the phone has been ringing off the hook from businesses enquiring about our printed insulated carrier bags. People do request these all year round, however there is a clear increase in phone calls and emails in April each year.

Only in the space of a few hours this morning we have taken enquiries from two fresh fish merchants, three farmers  who are specialising in selling their premium meat product at farmers markets and one high end Mayfair restaurant whom also provide take home service (they must have seen a bag we already provide).

Examples of Printed Insulated Carrier Bags

Two of the more recent printed insulated carrier bags we have delivered to our partners are displayed below.

Novikov Resturant - Mayfair London - Printed Insulated Carrier Bag
Novikov Restaurant – Mayfair London
S and P Fish - Ilfracombe Devon - Printed Insulated Carrier bags
S and P Fish – Ilfracombe Devon
Reusable and Visible
Reusable and Visible – perfect for advertising your business

It is clear to see from the images above that the combination of usefulness combined with beautiful presentation that is provided by the Printed insulated carrier bags  appeal to a very diverse range of customers and businesses.  All of whom benefit from from the increase in brand exposure each time the bag is reused.

Novikov present their high class Mayfair brand by providing diners at their up-market restaurant with a printed insulated carrier bag for a new take on the ‘take-home bag’.

While S&P Fish provide their customers with the perfect way to keep their high quality freshly caught product  cool for the journey home.

Reusable – Printed Insulated Carrier Bags

The real beauty with printed insulated carrier bags is the fact that customers use them again and again.  The durable nature of the bag coupled with the comfortable clip close handle makes it the perfect ‘bag for life’, with addition temperature control benefits.  This really is a premium bag at an affordable price that will speak volumes to your customers about your products and business.

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