Holiday Business Hours 2018 -2019

Last orders for guaranteed Next Day service must be placed by 11:00 on 18th December 2018. Any orders placed after this time will be dispatched ASAP on our return. We will be returning to full business hours on 03/01/2017 at 10:00 AM. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their business and support through out 2018. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us all at Thompsons Packaging ltd

Christmas 2015 – Thompsons Packaging Ltd Chorley

Wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year    As everyone nestles in for the forthcoming festivities we would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks and best wishes to all customers old and new.  At Thompson’s Packaging we will be working  up until the 23rd December 2015 – 12 noon,  returning back, a few pounds heavier and wearing dodgy jumpers and socks on the 5th January 2016 at 9:00am. As I am sure you will understand thing get busier as we get closer and closer to the end of December, and as I am certain you can all appreciate  we do our very best to facilitate all requests from our customer. However there is only so much we can do last minute! Therefore we urge you all to check your stock of packaging essentials and order them as soon as possible. This helps us a great deal to ensure we can maintain out highest standards even when

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Bespoke Flexi Loop & Patch Handle Carrier Bags

Bespoke Flexi Loop & Patch Handle Carrier Bags Another week and another delivery ready to go to the customer.  This year Smart Clothing  are celebrating 20 years of service to the people of Bolton and Bury in Lancashire providing high quality school uniforms and clothing.  For this Thompsons Packaging Ltd have supplied Smart Clothing with their new bespoke Flexi loop & Patch handle carrier bags printed 2 colours on 2 sides. Smart clothing are making use of the white LDPE film to create a 3 colour look for both  styles of their bespoke Flexi loop & Patch handle carrier bags without the cost of an actual 3 colour print.  This saves Smart Clothing money in terms of plate and reproduction costs.  Smart Clothing also reproduced the same print area across both styles of bags.  This again reduced the origination costs as the same print plates could be used across both designs. Both the patch handle carrier bag whose dimensions

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Printed Paper Twist Handle Carrier Bags

Printed Paper Twist Handle Carrier Bags Printed paper twist handle carrier bags are another way of displaying your company and brand to its best potential.  This week we have taken yet another delivery of the latest item that makes up part of the  suite of products we supply to Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair London.   Novikov have a total brand solution that implements their identity across a range of products.  The latest addition of printed paper twist handle carrier bags add yet another way for Novikov to display their high class dining brand across London. The bag pictured in this post is made from high quality, 110 gsm weight paper, with a twist handle,  ethically made and 100% recyclable.  Twisted Handle Paper Carrier bags give the luxurious style of a hand-made rope handle but with a lower costs.  It is printed complete with 2 colour logo on 2 sides. The side gussets and free standing base makes

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Printed Patch Handle LDPE Carrier Bags

Printed Patch Handle LDPE Carrier Bags Today we have taken delivery of the latest carrier bags for Alty’s.  We have been producing these printed patch handle LDPE carrier bags for Alty’s for many years and they have always been delighted with the product and service provided by us here at Thompsons Packaging Ltd. Produced in a yellow 180 gauge LDPE film with 1 colour print on two side they make a striking impression advertising the company and their services.  So if you ever find yourself shopping at Alty’s you may very well find you have a printed carrier bags in your hand produced by Thompsons Packaging. If you are considering having a printed patch handle carrier bag produced to take you business to the next level then there are a few aspects you have to consider.  I have added as a quick check a few of the factors in the list below: The size and style

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Printed Insulated Carrier Bags

Printed Insulated Carrier Bags to advertise your business Summer is on its way.  We can tell… not because of the flowers, the blue skies, or the longer days.  We know its on its way because the phone has been ringing off the hook from businesses enquiring about our printed insulated carrier bags. People do request these all year round, however there is a clear increase in phone calls and emails in April each year. Only in the space of a few hours this morning we have taken enquiries from two fresh fish merchants, three farmers  who are specialising in selling their premium meat product at farmers markets and one high end Mayfair restaurant whom also provide take home service (they must have seen a bag we already provide). Examples of Printed Insulated Carrier Bags Two of the more recent printed insulated carrier bags we have delivered to our partners are displayed below. Novikov Restaurant – Mayfair London S and P Fish –

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The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off The great British bake off is back on our screens and don’t we just love it! Buy Piping Bags This year we had the wonderful surprise when long time Thompsons customer and Lancashire’s very own ‘Tigger Cooks’ Philippa James popped up on our screens during the show with the ever enthusiastic Sue Perkins, to show off the speciality that is the Lancashire Courting Cake.  That very same week Philippa popped into Thompsons Packaging Ltd to pick up a few supplies for the Chipping Show and told us all about her experience in making the segment of the show. Phillippa can still be seen on episode 1 of The Great British Bake off on the BBC iPlayer here, and you can also read her history of the courting cake on the Lancashire Life website here We thought it about time we get in on the baking act here so to celebrate

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Pallet Wrap Stretch Film – The Differences Between Cast and Blown

Pallet Wrap Stretch Film – The Differences Between Cast and Blown We have decided to write this post titled ‘Pallet Wrap Stretch Film – The Differences Between Cast and Blown’ due to the number of question we are regularly ask by our customers on this issue.  It is not always obvious to the end user what the difference between a cast & blown film is.  In some cases people are completely unaware that there is even a choice. As longs as it wraps and secures your goods what does it matter?  Well, in some cases it does, and yours might be one of them!  Below you will find a brief description highlighting some of the properties of each type of stretch film.  Have a look over them and see which would be better for your purposes. Differences in Manufacture Many people in industries across the world make good use of pallet wrap (or as others may

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Insulated Carrier Bags – Cool Bags

Keeping your product at their best – Insulated Carrier Bags Insulated Cool Bags were developed to help protect chilled and frozen foods, keeping them at a low temperature for longer, therefore helping customers avoid illness. Bacteria multiply rapidly above 10°c. Chilled foods can soon reach this when removed from the chiller or  fridge, especially when being transported home. A similar chain reaction starts when frozen food is thawed then refrozen and kept for long periods. Our range of Cool Bags help slow this process giving you or your customer the chance to get home before the food spoils. Available in a range of sizes Insulated Carrier Bags can be purchased in 3 standard sizes as well as bespoke sizes, either plain or in standard or bespoke prints and colours. Don’t just take our word for it… Shoreway Fisheries use the Insulated Carrier Bags in just this way.  Having opened a brand new outlet in Botany Bay Food

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New packaging warehouse

I thought I’d take a moment whilst I melt in the current heatwave to upload a couple of photographs of the new Thompsons Packaging Ltd warehouse.  If you haven’t heard we have just moved from our old unit just off Walton Summit, Preston to Chorley North Business Park, Chorley. Yes! that’s 1 whole junction from our old premises on the M61 making us just as easy to access and visit to come and get your packaging. Our new Chorley premises are slightly bigger than our last meaning that we can keep larger stocks of the polythene, paper and disposable packaging you are used to buying from Thompsons Packaging Ltd.  We also have far greater office space which makes it far more comfortable to meet clients on-site (we will still meet you off-site should you choose) to discuss your bespoke packaging and printed solutions, usually this means printed carrier bags!