Mailing Products

For both factory floor and admin offices we off a substantial and comprehensive range of mailing product for both the shop floor and back office.

Mailing bags

We off 6 sizes of polythene m,ailing bags to assist you in the mailing of promotional material.  The mailing bags come in an metallic blue obscuring the contents from general view.  They come equipped with a 40mm permanent seal strip for security during transit. Sizes available are:

  1. 216mm x 350mm x 40mm
  2. 305mm x 406mm x 40mm
  3. 330mm x 483mm x 40mm
  4. 432mm x 559mm x 40mm
  5. 483mm x 737mm x 40mm
  6. 711mm x 589mm x 40mm

Bubble Envelopes

Bubble envelopes are the perfect solution for sending goods and items through the post that require a little more protection than a standard envelope provides.  We supply this to a range of customers who send item such as DVDs and health supplements via mail order. Sizes available (code -internal/external):

  1. BE000 -115mm x 165mm/135mm x 175mm
  2. BE00    -125mm x 165mm/145mm x 220mm
  3. BE0       -150mm x 210mm/170mm x 220mm
  4. BE1        -180mm x 245mm/200mm x 255mm
  5. BE2        -215mm x 245mm/235mm x 255mm
  6. BE3        -215mm x 320mm/235mm x 330mm
  7. BE4        -230mm x 320mm/250mm x 330mm
  8. BE5        -275mm x 345mm/295mm x 355mm
  9. BE6        -305mm x 450mm/325mm x 460mm
  10. BE7        -350mm x 450mm/370mm x 460mm
  11. BE8        -435mm x 660mm/455mm x 670mm
  12. BE9        -480mm x 720mm/500mm x 750mm
  13. BE CD    -165mm x 165mm/ 185mm x 175mm
  14. BE DVD     -165mm x 210mm/185mm x 220mm


Also a full selection of parcel and packaging tapes.