Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap bundles

Small bubble wrap is ideal for general usage. Made with bubbles that are 10mm in diameter, it can be shaped to match any contour, so you can be sure your consignment is protected at all times.

Every small bubble wrap roll from Thompsons Packaging Ltd is 100% recyclable. A major consideration for us all in the modern world. We are able to offer our customers rapid, free delivery, and some appealing price discounts for larger order quantities.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

We offer the full range of  bubble wrap:

Small Bubble:

1500mm x 100m (1 Bundle)
1200mm x 100m (1 Bundle)
750mm x 100m   (2 Bundles, 2 slice)
600mm x 100m   (2 Bundles, 2 slice)
500mm x 100m   (3 Bundles, 3 slice)
300mm x 100m   (4 Bundles, 5 slice)

Large Bubble:

1200mm x 50m (1 Bundle)
600mm x 50m   (2 Bundles, 2 slice)