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Last orders for guaranteed Next Day service must be placed by 11:00 on 18th December 2018. Any orders placed after this time will be dispatched ASAP on our return. We will be returning to full business hours on 03/01/2017 at 10:00 AM.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their business and support through out 2018. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us all at Thompsons Packaging ltd

Christmas 2015 – Thompsons Packaging Ltd Chorley

Wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

Opening Hours


As everyone nestles in for the forthcoming festivities we would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks and best wishes to all customers old and new.  At Thompson’s Packaging we will be working  up until the 23rd December 2015 – 12 noon,  returning back, a few pounds heavier and wearing dodgy jumpers and socks on the 5th January 2016 at 9:00am.

As I am sure you will understand thing get busier as we get closer and closer to the end of December, and as I am certain you can all appreciate  we do our very best to facilitate all requests from our customer.

However there is only so much we can do last minute! Therefore we urge you all to check your stock of packaging essentials and order them as soon as possible. This helps us a great deal to ensure we can maintain out highest standards even when the festive rush is in full swing.

Once again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Christmas Closing:

Closed: 23rd December 2015 – 12:00 noon
Opening: 5th January 2016 – 9:00am

Bespoke Flexi Loop & Patch Handle Carrier Bags

Bespoke Flexi Loop & Patch Handle Carrier Bags

Bespoke Flexi Loop & Patch Handle Carrier Bags

Smart Clothing Bespoke Patch Handle Carrier Bags

Another week and another delivery ready to go to the customer.  This year Smart Clothing  are celebrating 20 years of service to the people of Bolton and Bury in Lancashire providing high quality school uniforms and clothing.  For this Thompsons Packaging Ltd have supplied Smart Clothing with their new bespoke Flexi loop & Patch handle carrier bags printed 2 colours on 2 sides.

Smart clothing are making use of the white LDPE film to create a 3 colour look for both  styles of their bespoke Flexi loop & Patch handle carrier bags without the cost of an actual 3 colour print.  This saves Smart Clothing money in terms of plate and reproduction costs.  Smart Clothing also reproduced the same print area across both styles of bags.  This again reduced the origination costs as the same print plates could be used across both designs.

Both the patch handle carrier bag whose dimensions are 15x18x3″, and the larger flexi loop handle carrier bag measuring in at 24x20x4″ are popular sizes among clothing retailers.  The smaller  carrier bag being the perfect size for trousers, shirts and jumpers, while the larger is perfect for multiple and larger items such as coats and jackets.  There will be more on the differences between bespoke Flexi loop & Patch handle carrier bag handle styles explained below in a following section.

Bespoke Flexi Loop & Patch Handle Carrier Bags

Smart Clothing Flexi Loop

Patch Handle

Patch handle carrier bags have a reinforced handle.  Where the polythene is punched out in order to produce the hole that is the handle a further piece of plastic is applied so that the handle can tolerate the weight of a full bag.

Flexi-loop Handle

Flexi-loop carrier bags are made with a reinforced handle constructed from thick polythene. The handle is welded to the inside of the bag forming a loop that is comfortable and robust, giving the user a comfortable experience and a bag they can trust to get their shopping home safely.

Printed Paper Twist Handle Carrier Bags

Printed Paper Twist Handle Carrier Bags

Printed paper twist handle carrier bags are another way of displaying your company and brand to its best potential.  This week we have taken yet another delivery of the latest item that makes up part of the  suite of products we supply to Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair London.   Novikov have a total brand solution that implements their identity across a range of products.  The latest addition of printed paper twist handle carrier bags add yet another way for Novikov to display their high class dining brand across London.

Printed paper twist handle carrier bags

Printed paper twist handle carrier bags

The bag pictured in this post is made from high quality, 110 gsm weight paper, with a twist handle,  ethically made and 100% recyclable.  Twisted Handle Paper Carrier bags give the luxurious style of a hand-made rope handle but with a lower costs.  It is printed complete with 2 colour logo on 2 sides. The side gussets and free standing base makes for a fold flat easy to store bag that provides lots of room once unfolded.

Twist handle paper carrier bags are perfect for a range of retail outlets, from highclass fashion to farmers markets and high class food outlets. Certified food safe, you can use these bags with guaranteed peace of mind that they are perfect for the job in hand and presenting your product and business to its utmost potential.

We can work with you to help you choose the style, colour and design of you bag.  These bags can be the perfect  individual packaging item, or as Novikov have done they can also be used along side other printed packaging products.  What we at Thompsons Packaging like to call a complete packaging suite, ensuring brand consistency across your business.

If you would like to discuss this product further with us please call.  We are always happy to discuss your needs and requirements, ensuring you and your business get the products they deserve.

Printed Patch Handle LDPE Carrier Bags

Printed Patch Handle LDPE Carrier Bags

Alty's Printed Patch Handle LDPE Carrier Bags

Alty’s Printed Patch Handle LDPE Carrier Bags

Today we have taken delivery of the latest carrier bags for Alty’s.  We have been producing these printed patch handle LDPE carrier bags for Alty’s for many years and they have always been delighted with the product and service provided by us here at Thompsons Packaging Ltd.
Produced in a yellow 180 gauge LDPE film with 1 colour print on two side they make a striking impression advertising the company and their services.  So if you ever find yourself shopping at Alty’s you may very well find you have a printed carrier bags in your hand produced by Thompsons Packaging.

If you are considering having a printed patch handle carrier bag produced to take you business to the next level then there are a few aspects you have to consider.  I have added as a quick check a few of the factors in the list below:

  • The size and style of the bag
  • The number of print colours
  • Is the bag to be printed on both sides, if so is it the same design on both?

Carrier Bags Size

The larger the bag, the more material has to be used, the bigger the cost of production.  Therefore it goes without saying it is better to avoid wasting material on a bag that is larger than you require for your needs.

Printing Plates – Number Of Print Colours

The more colours you have in your design the higher the cost.  This is mainly due to two factors.

  1. The number and amount of inks used
  2. The number of print plates required

Therefore if you design requires a few different colours it is worth considering if the LDPE film colour can be incorporated into the design in some way.

Printing Plates – Is there a different  design on each side?

Some business go for this option for good reasons, and where applicable it works well and looks great.  However you do have to remember a different design required another set of printing plates, therefore there will be additional costs to take into consideration.

Additional Considerations

Print Run

You should try to order the maximum quantity of carrier bags you can during a print run, as long as it also fits comfortably into you budget.  As with all things in life the greater the quantity, the smaller the cost per unit.


If you get the design of you carrier bag right in the first place then when it comes time to re-order, as long as there are no changes to your design from the previous print runs, the plates can be reused.  Plates can last up to 8 years before they start to show signs of wear and tear, so if the design remains the same the plates can be re-used, and that a whole cost from the first run that can be eliminated from subsequent orders.

Printed Insulated Carrier Bags

Printed Insulated Carrier Bags to advertise your business

Summer is on its way.  We can tell… not because of the flowers, the blue skies, or the longer days.  We know its on its way because the phone has been ringing off the hook from businesses enquiring about our printed insulated carrier bags. People do request these all year round, however there is a clear increase in phone calls and emails in April each year.

Only in the space of a few hours this morning we have taken enquiries from two fresh fish merchants, three farmers  who are specialising in selling their premium meat product at farmers markets and one high end Mayfair restaurant whom also provide take home service (they must have seen a bag we already provide).

Examples of Printed Insulated Carrier Bags

Two of the more recent printed insulated carrier bags we have delivered to our partners are displayed below.

Novikov Resturant - Mayfair London - Printed Insulated Carrier Bag
Novikov Restaurant – Mayfair London
S and P Fish - Ilfracombe Devon - Printed Insulated Carrier bags
S and P Fish – Ilfracombe Devon
Reusable and Visible
Reusable and Visible – perfect for advertising your business

It is clear to see from the images above that the combination of usefulness combined with beautiful presentation that is provided by the Printed insulated carrier bags  appeal to a very diverse range of customers and businesses.  All of whom benefit from from the increase in brand exposure each time the bag is reused.

Novikov present their high class Mayfair brand by providing diners at their up-market restaurant with a printed insulated carrier bag for a new take on the ‘take-home bag’.

While S&P Fish provide their customers with the perfect way to keep their high quality freshly caught product  cool for the journey home.

Reusable – Printed Insulated Carrier Bags

The real beauty with printed insulated carrier bags is the fact that customers use them again and again.  The durable nature of the bag coupled with the comfortable clip close handle makes it the perfect ‘bag for life’, with addition temperature control benefits.  This really is a premium bag at an affordable price that will speak volumes to your customers about your products and business.

Buy Plain Insulated Carrier Bags anytime

You can view our range of plain insulated carrier bags for purchasing online here

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off

The great British bake off is back on our screens and don’t we just love it!

The Great British Bake Off - Graham Thompson & Phillipa James

Don’t miss the Lancashire courting cake on GBBO

This year we had the wonderful surprise when long time Thompsons customer and Lancashire’s very own ‘Tigger Cooks’ Philippa James popped up on our screens during the show with the ever enthusiastic Sue Perkins, to show off the speciality that is the Lancashire Courting Cake.  That very same week Philippa popped into Thompsons Packaging Ltd to pick up a few supplies for the Chipping Show and told us all about her experience in making the segment of the show.

Phillippa can still be seen on episode 1 of The Great British Bake off on the BBC iPlayer here, and you can also read her history of the courting cake on the Lancashire Life website here

We thought it about time we get in on the baking act here so to celebrate we have put up on our website a 21″ disposable piping bag.  Perfect for icing decoration,  mash potato and all the other foods you want to funnel, squeeze and pipe into culinary creations!

The disposable piping bag is a high quality, food safe (obviously) bag that can be cut to fit any nozzel.  At 75 micron (300g) thick it can take even the biggest hands strangling the contents out of it without splitting or causing a mess.  There are 100 bags on a roll so why not give then a go and see for yourself.

Click on the piping bag images below to be taken to our online shop where you can buy the 21″ disposable piping bags.

Maybe we will even see you on next years show, remember we are always happy to test any cakes for you should you want to call in and drop some off!!!

The Great British Bake Off - Disposable Piping Bags

21″ piping bags – Click here to buy

The Great British Bake Off - 21" Disposable Piping Bags

disposable piping bags – Click here to buy