Printed Patch Handle LDPE Carrier Bags

Printed Patch Handle LDPE Carrier Bags

Alty's Printed Patch Handle LDPE Carrier Bags

Alty’s Printed Patch Handle LDPE Carrier Bags

Today we have taken delivery of the latest carrier bags for Alty’s.  We have been producing these printed patch handle LDPE carrier bags for Alty’s for many years and they have always been delighted with the product and service provided by us here at Thompsons Packaging Ltd.
Produced in a yellow 180 gauge LDPE film with 1 colour print on two side they make a striking impression advertising the company and their services.  So if you ever find yourself shopping at Alty’s you may very well find you have a printed carrier bags in your hand produced by Thompsons Packaging.

If you are considering having a printed patch handle carrier bag produced to take you business to the next level then there are a few aspects you have to consider.  I have added as a quick check a few of the factors in the list below:

  • The size and style of the bag
  • The number of print colours
  • Is the bag to be printed on both sides, if so is it the same design on both?

Carrier Bags Size

The larger the bag, the more material has to be used, the bigger the cost of production.  Therefore it goes without saying it is better to avoid wasting material on a bag that is larger than you require for your needs.

Printing Plates – Number Of Print Colours

The more colours you have in your design the higher the cost.  This is mainly due to two factors.

  1. The number and amount of inks used
  2. The number of print plates required

Therefore if you design requires a few different colours it is worth considering if the LDPE film colour can be incorporated into the design in some way.

Printing Plates – Is there a different  design on each side?

Some business go for this option for good reasons, and where applicable it works well and looks great.  However you do have to remember a different design required another set of printing plates, therefore there will be additional costs to take into consideration.

Additional Considerations

Print Run

You should try to order the maximum quantity of carrier bags you can during a print run, as long as it also fits comfortably into you budget.  As with all things in life the greater the quantity, the smaller the cost per unit.


If you get the design of you carrier bag right in the first place then when it comes time to re-order, as long as there are no changes to your design from the previous print runs, the plates can be reused.  Plates can last up to 8 years before they start to show signs of wear and tear, so if the design remains the same the plates can be re-used, and that a whole cost from the first run that can be eliminated from subsequent orders.